Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Killer Dexter Breakfast

-A Killer Dexter Breakfast-

Every time I watch Dexter, the intro makes me so hungry (In a sadistic kind of way). Delicious pan fried ham steak, eggs sunny side up, and blood orange juice! The show inspired me to make an easy and delicious breakfast that you too can make at home and eat any time of day... hey you may want to eat it during the show! Because I am a dork I was cooking while the Dexter theme song was playing! Rofl! This recipe is definitely sweet and savory, and I always like to add a little hot sauce for more authenticity, along with a little kick!

Cook Time: 30 Minutes
Level: n00b
Serves 1

The Goods:
-2 Eggs
-Salt and Pepper
-One bone in ham steak cooked (You can find this in the pork section at your local grocery store)
-7 Table spoons butter
-5 Table spoons brown sugar
-3 Blood Oranges (If they're in season) or Pre squeezed blood orange juice from Trader Joe's
   ~If you cant find either, I reccomend getting orange juice and cranberry juice and mix together for a yummy drink.

-Pull out two frying pans, one for the eggs, and another for the ham steak.
-You'll want to cook the ham steak first since eggs only take 5 minutes.
-Heat one large skillet over medium heat, brown ham on both sides, drain. Remove ham.
-In the same skillet, melt 5 tablespoons butter; stir in brown sugar. Return ham to skillet; cook until heated through, turning often.
-While Ham steak is cooking, heat up other skillet on low heat. 
-Drop the remainder 2 tablespoons butter to melt.
-Crack both eggs on each side of the skillet.
-Season with salt and pepper.
-Continue cooking on low heat until egg whites are set completely. (make sure you keep an eye on your ham steak.)
-Spoon melted butter over egg yolks.
-Continue cooking until yolks begin to thicken, but not harden.
-Place Ham and Eggs on a plate.
-Pour yourself a glass of juice.
-Enjoy your killer breakfast.. ;-)

**Wrap leftover uneaten ham in cellophane hehehehe**


  1. omg! That you should need 7 tablespoons of butter to cook breakfast, I'm sorry, is just wrong. Dexter eats ONE egg and fries the egg and the ham and seems to fry in the same pan (not at the same time). I doubt his is the maple syrup/brown sugar variety. You can cook this meal with two TEASPOONS of butter in a nonstick pan, as long as it's been heated up before you add in your fat. Also, to cook an egg through but keep yolks runny, you just cover it with a mug or sauce pan lid. I MEAN holy crap this is so misguided.

    1. There's no right or wrong way of doing it you douche, everyone has their opinion.

    2. Dear Anonymous,

      If you READ the top description of this meal, it says that this recipe is INSPIRED by the show Dexter. I did not say "This is exactly what Dexter eats in the beginning intro of the show." - you can use the butter to your discretion. I appreciate you taking the time to check out this recipe and hope you find others on this site that are more suitable for your needs. Be well.

  2. Sounds awesome, might try it tomorrow :D

  3. For perspective, a stick of butter is 8 tablespoons.

    1. yeah she said that as -7 for 1 i suppose thats what she meant

  4. Sounds like a really delicious meal, a good idea to use butter for the extra flavor instead of oil. Thanks for the tip on the orange and cranberry juice, I've never seen blood orange at the supermarket. Just started watching Dexter again and that intro always makes me hungry.

  5. A whole stick of butter for eggs and ham? How about a bit of grape seed oil and you sear the ham to get natural flavor.

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