Tuesday, January 25, 2022



It sure has been awhile! I am excited to share that I will be rebooting C4N on Twitch Starting Saturdays in the super near future! If you want to tune in, please consider giving me a follow at TWITCH.TV/MISSMEGZIE

We have created such a wonderful community of wholesome, hilarious, and fantastic people who have filled my life with so much joy and creativity. They continue to support and push me to be GREAT, and when I had shown them this site as well as my old YouTube videos, they really wanted me to bring them back. So here we are, and here we will continue the ridiculous, helpful, and delicious Cooking 4 Noobs.

I am so excited to come back and share my love of cooking and gaming with you guys so please please please stay awhile and listen.

P.S. Cookingfornoobs on Twitch IS NOT ME. She created that twitch page AFTER this blog and my youtube videos were created. So do not follow thinking that is me or anything related to this content. All my content will be on TWITCH.TV/MISSMEGZIE.